About 25% of all the foodborne illnesses are caused by lapses in personal hygiene by the food handler. The food may be contaminated, making it unsafe for consumption by improper handling or contact

The four main areas of the body that may contain pathogens are:

  • Head : nose, throat, and hair
  • Lungs : respiratory disease, cough
  • Rectum : fecal matter
  • Hands : cuts, burns, open sores, diseased skin and dirty finger nails

The MOCA personnel certification evaluates the knowledge and competences needed to guarantee an expertise level of food handling/storage and hygiene.


  • You become a part of an International Healthcare Certification Company.
  • Proudly display your Quality certificate on your business premises
  • Maintain a competitive business edge over your local competitors and attract their customers.
  • Avoid potential damage to your local business reputation.
  • Becoming certified helps your staff to learn how to reduce and eliminate the risk of food borne illness
  • This program incorporates HACCP and fssai concepts which are integral to the food service industry
  • Business ownerpiece of mind’ and compliance with Food Safety Law.