“Hygiene is just another word for cleanliness”.

When we talk about health and hygiene in the salons, we are talking about the safety and wellbeing of clients as well as the employees of the salon.

It is about creating a healthy, safe, and hygienic working environment for all. The practice of health and hygiene awareness must become naturally part of your everyday working life

It is the responsibility of everyone working in the salon to prevent the possible spread of infection or disease by basic hygiene practices.

The hair and beauty salon is potentially a dangerous place because of the tools and the products used and the nature of the treatments.

It is very important that everyone who works in the salon is aware of possible safety risks and how to maintain safety for themselves, clients and co-workers

MOCA’s concern about the hygiene and safety practices in the salons in India has driven us to affirm the same.

MOCA has developed a verification system which allows to publicly identifying the salons with proper hygienic practice and safety conditions.

MOCA certification is the right tool for salons to prove to their customers that they are practicing quality services, eliminating any fear or doubt in the customers mind.

  • Health & Hygiene certification for Salons and Spa
  • Health & Safety certification for Salons and Spa


  • You become a part of an International Healthcare Certification Company.
  • Proudly display your Quality certificate on your business premises
  • Maintain a competitive business edge over your local competitors and attract their customers.
  • Avoid potential damage to your local business reputation.
  • Becoming certified helps your staff to learn how to reduce and eliminate the risk of Hygiene and safety issues .