The Primary Healthcare Accreditation is intended for those healthcare centers that provide a wide range of OPD services together with minor surgeries services.

The standard evaluates 167 areas representing more than 637 objective elements. The audit together with our HQAS System numerically quantifies the quality level of each area analyzed providing to the center a benchmark of its quality level.

The MOCA institution accreditation evaluates the entire ecosystem in which the center operates. The standard evaluates:

  • General Management
  • Patient Care and Safety
  • Center Facilites
  • Human Capital
  • Medical ethics and environment

MOCA Quality Certificate


The Secondary Healthcare Center Accreditation has been defined to evaluate those center that provide basic medical service. Therefore, the accreditation applies to any healthcare center with the following characteristics:


  • Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • Reduce costs through standardized care
  • Potentially reduce liability insurance cost
  • Ensure a safe environment that reduces risk for care recipients and caregivers
  • Offer quantifiable benchmarks for quality and patient safety
  • Stimulate and demonstrate continuous, sustained improvement through a reliable process
  • Provide accredited hospitals with public recognition of their achievements and commitment to excellence
  • Enhance efficiency