Medical care is vital for our life and health, but the waste generated from medical activities represents a real problem for living nature and human world. Improper management of wastegenerated in health care facilities causes a direct health impact on the community, the health careworkers and on the environment.

Approximately 75-90% of the total waste stream is general healthcare waste, generated by administrative, housekeeping and maintenance functions. The remaining 10 – 25% of waste includes infectious, pathologic and chemical wastes that are considered hazardous in nature and create a variety of serious health risks. Indiscriminate disposal of these hospital waste and exposure to such waste possess serious threats to environment and to human health.The healthcare waste requires specific treatment and management prior to disposal.The effect of improper disposal of BMW in general is as follows,

Clean Up and Flourish or Pile Up and Perish

  • Injuries from sharps leading to infection to all categories of hospital personnel and waste handler.
  • Nosocomial infections in patients from poor infection control practices and poor waste management.
  • Risk of infection outside hospital for waste handlers and scavengers and at time general public living in the vicinity of hospitals.
  • Risk associated with hazardous chemicals, drugs to persons handling wastes at all levels.A major issue related to current Bio-Medical waste management in many hospitals is that
  • The implementation of Bio-Waste regulation is unsatisfactory as some hospitals are disposing of waste in a haphazard, improper and indiscriminate manner.
  • Lack of segregation practices, results in mixing of hospital wastes with general waste making the whole waste stream hazardous.
  • ultimately Inappropriate segregation results in an incorrect method of waste disposal thus end up economically expensive for the healthcare setup to process the same.

MOCA Healthcare understands Biosecurity as a doctrine of behavior aimed to achieve attitudes and conducts which reduces the employer and personnel risk to acquire infections in their work or healing environment.

MOCA has developed a certification system which allows to publicly identifying the healthcare facility with proper Biomedical Waste Management practice and condition.

Our Certificates for the Healthcare facility Include:

  • Biomedical Waste Management Certificate
  • Biomedical Waste Handlers Certificate


  • Improve patient recognition
  • Improve center safety
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce costs through the reduction of accidents
  • Potentially reduce liability insurance cost
  • Reduce costs through the correct selection of the BMW providers
  • Enhance efficiency