Hospitals and Nursing Homes have certain special features which no other categories of buildings have. As per National Building Code (NBC) Hospital Buildings, Nursing Homes, Sanatoriums have been categorized under Group-C “Institutional Building”.

The Institutional Buildings are having some high risk areas with special problems which relates to life risk of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. It is therefore necessary to understand the types of hazards associated with the Institutional Buildings vis-à-vis life safety concept.

Life Safety from fire in Hospitals relies on a “Defined – in – Place” principle. Horizontal exits or smoke barriers are required to sub-divide each storey of a Hospital to provide an area of refuge on each floor.In case of emergency the objectives should be to“Keep the fire away from the Patient rather than the patient away from the fire”.

MOCA has developed a certification system which allows to publicly identifying the healthcare facility with proper Fire and Safety Management practice and condition.

MOCA certification is the right tool for healthcare centres to prove to their patients that they are practicing quality services, eliminating any fear or doubt in the patients mind.

Our Certificates for the Healthcare facility Include:

  • Fire and Safety of Hospital Certificate


  • Improve patient recognition
  • Improve center safety
  • Improve the center competence in front of an emergency
  • Verify the consistency of the emergency plans
  • Establish consistent emergency protocols
  • Identification of inconsistent internal protocols
  • Identification of the personnel training needs
  • Identify high risk areas
  • Potentially reduce liability insurance cost