Healthcare transport plays an important role within the care chain, ensuring transfer of injured to a corresponding healthcare centre. One of the key aspects is the human factor, which means the ability and qualifications of staff treating patients and injured. An emergency requires to asses victims, set the order of priority of injuries and then, ensure the victim transfer to a healthcare centre where can be treated safely. The knowledge, ability and good performance of the staff during transfer can prevent injured from irreversible lesions.

In particular the evaluated competences are:

  • Basic life support techniques
  • Advanced life support assistance techniques
  • Patient transfer to the healthcare centre
  • Ensuring the work environment to the care team and patient
  • Organising the work environment of healthcare transport
  • Preventive diagnosis of the vehicle and maintenance of the material
  • Psychological support techniques in crisis situations


  • Improve the quality of the service provided
  • Reduction of times of response
  • Better coordination of the emergency service
  • Improve patient satisfaction and recognition
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Community recognition of the centre
  • Improve the centre competence facing emergencies