Medical ethics brings together a series of rules and principles that inspire and also guide the work of medical professionals. All medical organizations in the world have the fundamental mission to promote and develop ethics in the centre performance.
Medical Ethics is currently a debated topic:

  • Lack of moral standards in health care set up is widely proclaimed. Society is no more tolerant to erring doctors.
  • Regulatory bodies are striving to institute acceptable standard of ethical behaviors of doctors, nurses and paramedical personnel.

The Best & Ethical practice certificate evaluates the competence of the doctor according to medical ethics principles ensuring the patient’s trust on the centre being attended by professionals with the most contrasted and valued behaviour.

MOCA Certification is the right tool for Healthcare professional to prove to the patients the quality, expertise and level of their services, eliminating any fear or doubt in the patients mind.

In this process we evaluate the experience, specialties, studies, medicallicenses, working place, timetables and accepted insurance companies. We also take a feedback from thirty patients of yours and two doctors whom you will nominate for survey about your practice.


  • You become a part of an International Healthcare CertificationCompany.
  • Get differentiated from non-registered practitioners.
  • Enhance your reputation as a professional.
  • Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services.
  • The patients will know the credibility of your service and authenticity of your treatment, and thus patients trust on you and your practice will increase.
    • Patient trust on your service.
    • Improve customer loyalty.
  • The survey details will appear on our website as “Client Testimonials” and “endorsements” of your proven abilities and an account based on experience of the clients as a recommendation to other potential clients.
    • This will increase your reputation & influence the choice of your clients as the preferred medical practitioner