The competences certificates were born with one unique objective: guarantee that any certified center has an accepted expertise level in a determinate competence. The knowledge of any healthcare competences has to be sustained a long time without exception. For this reason, MOCA competences evaluate annually the center.

MOCA Competences certificates are characterized by having an expiry date of 1 year and by having one specific color based on the year. Each year, the color of the certificate will change. Therefore after the first year the center will be evaluated again and the new certificate will incorporate a new expiry date and a different color.

What is the objective?

Provide to the centers an effective and efficient way to communicate to its patients the investment made to provide a better patient care. The patient would recognize if a center has its competences updated or not just be looking at the color and year of the certificate. For the center this is crucial. The effort done by the center will be properly valuated by the patients.

Similarly, the color system is an efficient and effective tool to differentiate from not only these centers that are not certified but also to differentiate from center with outdated competences.


  • Immediate patient recognition
  • Immediate differentiation of non-certified centers
  • Immediate differentiation of centers with outdated competences