There is a minimum range of competence that any single center around the globe must ensure to its patients without exception. Similarly, those minimum ranges of competence are needed to obtain minimum levels of patient safety and quality level on your center.

MOCA Competence certificates identify any deficiency on one of those heath care competences and improve them. The certificates help the center to transmit to its patients a guarantee of being attended in a safety health care center.

Is accreditation right for your organization?

Consider the following questions:

  • How can I transmit to my patients that my center has a safety emergency system?
  • Does my center manage properly the Bio Medical Waste Management?
  • How can I transmit to my patient that the bio medical waste is well handle?
  • Does my medical staff behave ethically?
  • How can my patients be aware that my medical staff is ethic?
  • How can my center transmit that we have implemented the right hygiene and infection control systems?
  • Are my patients aware that my center is environmentally friendly?
  • Do my patients feel safe on my center? Do my patients trust the center safety?
  • Is my center seen as safety?v
  • How can improve my center reputation?

If you have ever had any of those questions, our certificate can help you