Obtain manuals and guide
If you do not know the MOCA Standards or do not already have the international accreditation standards you may purchase them. MOCA accreditation manuals are available for Primary Healthcare Centers, Secondary Healthcare Centers and Super-specialty Healthcare centers.

Define your baseline
Conduct a self-assessment of compliance with the accreditation requirements. Find out where you are and where you need to go. The first step as your organization prepares for accreditation is to establish your baseline, how your organization is performing now versus how a MOCA accredited organization needs to perform. Get familiar with the MOCA requirements. Analyze the manuals, the individual standard together with the objective elements. Identify the areas of improvement, design the need quality policies and define a responsible to obtain the accreditation.

Let us know more about your center
Complete the application form. Each center has different characteristics; MOCA consultants must know exact characteristics of your center. Fill the application form to provide us information about your center facilities, health services and medical staff. That information will be crucial to define the perfect team of experts that will meet your needs.

Commit your team to be prepared for our audit
The success of any consultancy project highly depends on the commitment of the Healthcare Institution. Your staff needs to trust our consultant and be prepared for the audit process
The MOCA consultant team will review your application form. Our dedicate customer executive will contact you to define the conditions of the audit: timings, responsible, documentation in advance or any other topic that might be need to be agreed or prepared in order to ensure the success of the accreditation process.

Schedule the visit of the MOCA Consultants’ team
The consultant team must need at least 3 days to analyze in deep your center. The team will make a vertical and horizontal analysis of the healthcare center. During the process our team will need to be accompanied by the quality responsible of the center. The work between both teams is crucial to obtain consistent results.

Analyze the first results
The consultant team will develop a detailed report. The report will contain the strengths and weaknesses of the center together with a quantification of the quality level of each department/area. The report is an extremely valuable tool used by our customer to take the need corrective action to obtain the accreditation and to define short, medium and long term objectives.

Get the MOCA international approval
An international committee of experts will evaluate the audit results. The analysis will not be only focused on the current level of quality but also on the potential of improvement. The study is made for each of the different areas that make up the center. If the center meets the international standards, the Committee will grant the accreditation.