Nursing services are an integral part of the clinical services of any health care organization. The aim of nursing services is to provide comprehensive nursing carein terms of health promotion, prevention of diseases and therapeutic nursing care to the patients in a HCO as well as to the community.

The responsibility of a nurse in a healthcare organization is to provide safe, competent and ethical nursing care with compassion, comfort and collaboration with the patients, the family, the community and the clinical care team.

Nurse’s plays a vital role in any quality related program in a healthcare organization since most of the delivery and monitoring of health care is carried out by them.

Their knowledge, clinical judgment, skills, attitude, communication and other soft skills thus makes a lot of difference in the ultimate delivery of health care to the patients.

The MOCA personnel certification evaluates the knowledge and competences needed to guarantee an expertise level. MOCA Nurses Certification evaluates the expertise in the following topics:

Think, Interpret & Act in Clinical Situations

  • .When the 7Rs of Medication go wrong
    • Right Patient
    • Right Medication
    • Right Dose
    • Right Route
    • Right Time
    • Right Reason
    • Right Documentation
  • .Identifying the right patient and the right medication.
  • .The art of pain-less Drug Administration
  • .From Continuous Assessment to Proper Action
  • .Delivering the Right Oxygen percentage with the Right method
  • .Managing the Golden Seconds of Survival
  • .Sterile Insertion & Routine Catheter Care
  • .Measure, Insert & Feed through NG
  • .Observing & Keeping Patient Health Record
  • .Right Dressing for the Right Wound
  • .Managing emergency situations
  • .Biomedical Waste Management
  • .Personality development
MOCA Quality Certificate