The Nursing Assistants are the healthcare professionals responsi­ble for providing nursing care to the patient and act on the health con­ditions under the supervision of the nurse practitioner or the medical practitioner.

Nursing Assistant acti­vities are essential as a member of nursing team. Therefore, their work is mainly care, but also has an admi­nistrative aspect which could inclu­de planning, organizing and evalua­ting the work units.

It is particularly essential for a Nur­sing Assistant, to be in proximity to the patient, to be able to transmit confidence and calm to a patient.

The MOCA personnel certification evaluates the knowledge and competences needed to guarantee an expertise level.


MOCA Nursing Assistant/ Ward boys certification evaluates the expertise in the following topics:

  • .Healthcare systems and their roles
  • .Communication
  • .Infection control
  • .Body mechanics
  • .Body positioning
  • .Transferring techniques
  • .Ambulation techniques
  • .Preparing for admission and discharge
  • .Skin care
  • .Oral Care
  • .Elimination
  • .Measurements
  • .Medical all Emergencies