Achieving MOCA accreditation demonstrates your commitment to safe, high quality care. It helps to improve your organization’s visibility with networks and payor. It reduces your organization’s risk exposure and provides an opportunity to negotiate lower liability insurance rates.

MOCA accreditation may help your organization attract and retain qualified staff as well as help your business stand out when the patients is seeking a facility for their care.

Is accreditation right for your organization?

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you need to meet an upcoming accreditation mandate?
  • Is certification as behavioral health home in your future plans?
  • Can you benefit from renegotiating lower liability insurance rates?
  • Are you looking to improve staff recruitment or retention efforts?
  • Could you use the MOCA accreditation to:
    • Reassure to your patients and families the safety and quality of your services?
    • Gain access to additional contracts or referrals?
    • Improve reimbursement from insurers/payers?