Q: What is Accreditation?
Answer: A public recognition of the achievement of accreditation standards by a healthcare organization, demonstrated through an independent external peer assessment of that organization’s level of performance in relation to the standards.

Q: Why you should choose MOCA?
Answer: Healthcare organizations face big challenges. The constant changes in the patients’ needs, market dynamics and regulatory frameworks require complex solutions.
In MOCA, we aim to change the life of millions of people, helping healthcare organizations to help patients. Our standards have a real impact on the healthcare system. They were developed based on one idea: improving the patient safety of any healthcare organization present in the international community.
The MOCA consultants’ team is formed by international healthcare experts who work with one unique objective: provide the best patient centric solutions. The medical specialization, the background richness and the international exposure of our consultant team is a guarantee that MOCA can face any exigent challenge that you might have. MOCA consultants work with healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, innovation and to reduce the cost of complexity of operating systems.

Q: What are the benefits of MOCA accreditation?
1. Reduce costs through standardized care, enhancing efficiency
2. Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace
3. Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction, strengthening patient safety efforts
4. Reduces risk management and risk reduction
5. Provides professional advice and counsel, enhancing staff education
6. Enhances staff recruitment and development
7. May reduce liability insurance costs
8. Infection control
9. Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services
10. Provide accredited hospitals with public recognition
11. Quantification of the quality level of each department

Q: What are the services offered by MOCA?
Answer: MOCA offers a variety of accreditation and certification services from which you can choose according to the needs of your organization. Currently MOCA is offering the following services:

• Primary Healthcare Accreditation
• Secondary Healthcare Accreditation
• Super-Specialty Healthcare Accreditation
• AYUSH Centers
• Salon & Spa Centers
• Health & Hygiene Certification
• Health & Safety Certification
• Catering and Restaurant
• Health & Hygiene certification
• Food & Safety certification

• Dental Centers
• Imagining and nuclear medicine centers
• Pathology Laboratories
• Dialysis Centers
• Nutrition Centers
• Maternity and Fertility clinics
• Cosmetology Clinics
• Opthalmology Clinics
• Vaccination centers
• Pharmacy
• Physiotherapy Centers

• Biological Waste Management Certificate.
• Fire and Safety Certificate.
• Medical Ethics.
• Hygiene and Safety.
• Patient Safety
• Healthcare transport
• Eco-Friendly Center

• ICD-10 Certificate – (International Classification of Diseases)
• Ambulance Driver Certificate
• Nursing Assistants
• Nurses Certificate
• Laboratory Technicians

Q: How to obtain MOCAaccreditation?
Answer: The organizations can obtain the application form for MOCA Accreditation from MOCA Office or send a query through our website. Our dedicated executives will introduce you to the MOCA accre¬ditation process and solve any doubts you might have. To get more information about our services, you can contact us on:
Address: D-3/3, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi- 110 020
Phone: +91-11-41611155
Mail:info@mocahealth.com .

Q: What are the steps for obtaining MOCA accreditation?
Answer: Here are the steps to obtain the accreditation:
1. Obtain manual and guide: If you do not have the manuals and are not aware of the standards then you may purchase the manuals. MOCA Healthcare manuals are available for Primary, Secondary, Super-specialty and Single-specialty Healthcare centers.

2. Define your baseline: Conduct a self-assessment of compliance with the accreditation requirements. Identify how your organization is performing now and what are the MOCA requirements. Find out the areas of improvement, design the quality policies accordingly and assign a responsible to obtain the accreditation.

3. Let us know more about your center: MOCA consultants must know exact characteristics of your center so fill the application form giving general information about center facilities, health services and medical staff.

4. Commit your team to be prepared for our audit: Our MOCA consultants’ team will review the application form and inform the center about audit timing, responsible and documentation in advance so that your team is well prepared for the audit and success of accreditation process.

5. Visit of MOCA consultants’ team: Our team will make vertical and horizontal analysis of the center. During the visit the team will be accompanied by quality responsible of your center so that consistent results are obtained by work of both the teams.

6. Analysis of the first results: Our team will develop a report consisting of strengths and weaknesses of your center together with the quality level of each department. The report will help the center to take needy corrective actions to get accreditation and to define short, medium and long term objectives.

7. Get the MOCA international approval: An international committee of experts will evaluate the audit results which will be focused on current level of quality as well as potential of improvement. If the center meets the international standards, the committee will grant the accreditation.

Q: For how long period the accreditation/certificate is valid and when should you apply for the renewal of accreditation/certification?
Answer: Accreditation is valid for three years of time period. Application of renewal should be submitted before three months of the date of expiry of accreditation.
Personnel certificates are valid for one year of time period. Application of renewal of personnel certificate should be submitted before three months of the date of expiry of certificate.

Q: What are the costs associated with MOCA accreditation?
Answer: The cost of the survey is based on the number of surveyors and the length of the survey. Survey team size and number of survey days are normally based on the following factors:
Size of the facility to be surveyed
Complexity of services offered, including outpatient services
Type of survey to be conducted

If you any other questions, please contact:
MOCA Healthcare Certifications Pvt Ltd, D-3/3, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi- 110 020
Phone: +91-11-41611155
Mail: info@mocahealth.com