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With increasing globalization, the importance of safety management system is neglected in every corner of the work that results in property damage, accidents and fatal injuries. In today’s times of spread of Corona virus, everyone needs to understand the importance of health and safety for improving the safety culture in an organisation. MOCA institutional inspections ensure that people at any level/sector follow the health, hygiene and safety principles and practices.
MOCA is committed to the vision of creating a safer and healthier world of work. Being an independent and not-for-profit organisation, we offer vast repertoire of health and safety certifications for institutes, shops, offices, retail markets and Multinationals. MOCA certifications are globally recognised and MOCA standard evaluates the quality level of each area analyzed providing to the center a benchmark of its quality level. The MOCA institution accreditation evaluates the entire ecosystem in which the center operates. The standard evaluates:
General Management
Health Hygiene and Safety protocols
Center Facilites
COVID protection protocols
Medical ethics and environment

Our inspectors meet all the mandates defined in law. The authority of the inspector is defined by the jurisdiction, and is confined to government regulations.
Objectives of Institutional Inspections and Certification in Business
Make the area germ protected
Maintain safe working environments and make the area accident free
Ensures safe work practices and operational controls
Improves disaster management and emergency action procedure
Compliant with of all legal & other obligations of the organization
Stimulate and demonstrate continuous, sustained improvement through a reliable process
To train personnel in safety

To enable integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application
Provide institutes with public recognition of their achievements and commitment
to excellence
Enhance efficiency

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