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- MOCA Certified - Yoga Instructor
As a yoga instructor, I am always looking for students who I can motivate and begin their fitness journey. After my certification with MOCA, I have no dearth of students or classes. Moca helped me reach out to maximum people and gave me an opportunity to take my talent to its peak.
- CEO - Unified
Your commitment, passion, and delivery were really amazing. We had a great start and the speed as well as intensity with which we rolled out globally over 3 years was unbelievable.
- MOCA Certified - Wellness Trainer
I joined Moca wellness program and I loved the classes thoroughly. Meditation and Ayurveda knowledge was an eye opener for me. I thank MOCA for being there for me during covid times.
- MOCA certified - EMT trainer
I joined MOCA ‘s joined Emergency Medical Technician Program, the trainers where very much knowledgeable, and I have learned a lot from them and MOCA has helped me in getting a job. I am happy that with this knowledge I am able to help patients during the pandemic. Thanks to MOCA