CEO and Founder

Sanjay is the founder and CEO of MOCA. He helped revolutionize Healthcare Certifications over the past five years.

A global entrepreneurial business leader with foresight and innovation, Sanjay has an impressive history of surpassing ambitious business goals and identifying revolutionary business opportunities. He has a consistent record of capability as an entrepreneur who can envision new ideas and set up businesses with ease. He positions organizations for success by developing ground-breaking, scalable, and highly reliable business impact. With advanced expertise in global experience in various streams of professional life, Sanjay is always ready to hit the ground running and deliver results quickly.

With deep industry knowledge, Sanjay remains on the cutting edge with global experience in sourcing and manufacturing, initiates brands and joint ventures entry into India, drives new businesses through key accounts, establishes strategic partnerships and channelizes incremental revenue. He builds and maintains relationships with key corporate decision makers, and establishes large volume/high profit accounts with excellent levels of retention.